As children grow up they acquire many skills, not least, musical skills. The real intention of music at our school is not solely to teach children to sing well or read music, but to make every child aware of the extra dimension that music can bring to his/her life as it provides a means of expression and communication.


Our aims are:

  1. For children to enjoy musical activities.
  2. To enable children to express their own ideas and feelings through this unique medium of music and to develop the necessary skills and understanding to enable them to do so.
  3. To enable children to become skilled listeners.
  4. To develop awareness and understanding of musical history, traditions, styles and cultures.
  5. To utilise music in fostering positive relationships within the wider context of the school and community.
  6. To fully embed our school philosophy of ‘Head, Heart, Hands’ into the children’s vocabulary when they are discussing their musical learning.
  7. For children to be able to discuss their prior learning and apply it to new skills that have been taught.



Music Curriculum