At Bursley, we teach R.E. to:

  • grow in their spiritual development through reflections in their feelings and relationships;
  • develop skills and attitudes which will support them in their personal, social and moral development;
  • contribute to the cultural and intellectual development of pupils by helping children mature in relation to their own patterns of belief and behaviour, through exploring religious beliefs, practices and human experiences;
  • develop children’s knowledge and understanding of the Christian faith contrasting with experiences of other faiths;
  • to identify ways in which human beings have approached and answered questions on the meaning of purpose and existence;
  • think about their beliefs and values in the light of the beliefs and values of others, both religious and non- religious.
  • to prepare pupils for adult life and the society that we live in.

R.E. Curriculum Coverage

Each year group will follow the same core themes and topics – but the material looked at and skills developed will be appropriate for their age / year group. For each topic the children learn about they will have crucial knowledge to learn and embed. Our curriculum for Religious Education is in line with the Local Authority SACRE and follows their guidance.

*Year 1- Celebrations

*Year 2- Holy books and stories

*Year 3- Worship and places of worship.

*Year 4 – Special Occasions/ ceremonies/ rights of passage.

*Year 5- Religious leaders and teachers.

*Year 6- Beliefs.

R.E. Useful links and Websites:

For more information about R.E. or if you would like to find activities to do with your children at home, please check out the following websites:



Religious Education Curriculum